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BESTSELLER! Hair Color Wax

Our breakthrough hair color wax is the hottest hair product of 2017! Change up your hair as often as you'd like with this innovative hair wax. Add a streak or color your entire head for a subtle look or an eye-catching look.

Formulated with high-quality ingredients, this non-sticky/non-tacky formula allows you to easily sculpt, mold and create the style you want. With its non-sticky formula, it lets you creatively mold, sculpt and design your hair PLUS give it the texture you want. 

Our hair color wax is non-transferable on clothes or pillowcases and leaves no mess or staining on your hands.

Perfect for everyone, Halloween parties and special events, crazy hair days.

To use, just apply a small amount of product to desired area on your hair.

  • Available in 7 colors to complement your mood. You may choose from Silver, Purple, Red, White, Gold, Blue, Green.
  • Easy to wash off
  • 100% safe for the scalp. Unlike many hair dyes, our Colored Hair Wax does not damage or irritate the skin.
  • Product weight: 120 g

Order yours today for quick U.S. shipping. Limited quantities available. Due to high demand, there is a limit of 6 per person.

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